Saturday, June 21, 2008

Spring Swap Package

I found this package when I got home
today and saw that it was from my
spring swap pal, Joyce Laurie. Since
I only sent her two very small skeins
of alpaca yarn, I was surprised to see
a box this big! I dug into it and was overwhelmed by its contents!

First I pulled out this basket - isn't it
gorgeous! It's hand painted and
those are little sheep all around the
bottom of it. I usually keep the knitting projects I do at home in baskets - easy to pick up and carry with me around the house. I'll have to find a special project for this basket!

And, inside the basket.......

Two books - Alexander McCall Smith's Tears of the Giraffee - I love the Ladies Detective Agency series and haven't read this one yet so I'm thrilled, and Ice Blue by Anne Stuart, who I haven't read before and can't wait to start. Then there was
a Boston Red Sox hat (which I am wearing now trying to turn this afternoon's game around).
A tin of spice cookies that look delicious, a darling tiny sock on a hanger - so cute!
Some 'knitters soap' called "Orange Ewe Knitting?"
from Knitting Sisters, a pom pom maker, some stitch
holders, knitting thimble, needle gauge,felted flowers,
cute stitch markers (did you make them Joyce?) some
chocolate, some perfume samples, and last but certainly
not least......

This beautiful lace cowl made from the yarn that I sent. The picture really doesn't do it justice - it is really
gorgeous - just the perfect thing
for the yarn I sent.

Thank you so much Joyce - you really
spoiled me - I'm overwhelmed by your generosity!

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