Monday, June 23, 2008

A Sister's Revenge Solution

Okay - this one was pretty sick! My only defense is that I didn't make it up (only changed the names). You don't really want to think about this one too much as the images can be pretty disturbing - goes - Robin and Violet were Siamese twins. Lt. Dunnit could not put one in jail without putting her innocent sister in jail as well. As for the names being the same - well - we won't go there! There were a few correct guesses (and some great incorrect guesses) and the winner of the random drawing this week is Delores! Choose a prize from the prize locker Delores and e-mail me your address.

When Lt. Hugh Dunnit arrived at the scene of the crime Robin Lily was kneeling over her husband, Emerald Lily, who lay dead from a bullet wound to the chest. Her sister, Violet Lily, was right next to her, still holding the gun in her hand. "My sister shot him Robin sobbed".
Lt. Dunnit agreed - there was no doubt that Violet had shot Emerald. So why did he announce - "I cannot arrest this woman, and she cannot be punished for this crime?" E-mail your solution to me by midnight on Saturday, June 28 (

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