Saturday, June 21, 2008

Murder by DPNs

Ms. Dunnit's knitting group met every Thursday night at their favorite LYS, Opal's Yarn Shop. This week they were going to be working on a mystery pattern written especially for them by one of the group members, Margarete. They had only been given one clue to the mystery knit so far and that was to bring a ball of sock yarn and some size 2.5mm dpns. Ms. Dunnit was the first one of the group to arrive at the shop and as she pushed open the door she was met by Miss Opal's assistant, who was crying hysterically. She said that she had arrived at the shop moments earlier and was almost hit by the door as a maniacal grandmotherly type woman came running out of the shop shouting something about toothpicks. Then she pointed to a spot behind one of the yarn shelves where Miss Opal was lying in a pool of blood with a large, pointy, DPN stuck directly into her heart! Ms. Dunnit immediately called Lt. Hugh Dunnit and told him there had been a murder at Opal's Yarn Shop and that she knew exactly who had 'dunnit'.

Do you know whodunnit? E-mail me at before midnight on Saturday, June 21 with your answer.

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