Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Case of Red Sports Car Solution

Solution: The blood on the seat of the car proved that he was killed before he was thrown from the car, so the murderer must have sent the car racing down the mountain with the dead man's body in it.
And the winner is..... one of our new members - Anne from Hamburg, Germany. Her name on Ravelry is Jinx if you would like to visit her there. Congratulations Anne!

Lt. Hugh Dunnit was responding to a 911 call along with his brother, Captain Howie Dunnit when he suddenly slammed on the breaks. Howie would have been thrown through the windshield if he hadn't had his seat belt on. A red sports car had come racing around the hair-pin turn on the mountain road ahead. Out of control, the car had crashed through the guardrail. The impact didn't stop the car, but it flung the driver straight up. He seemed to land in the air a moment before plunging out of sight.

Hugh Dunnit and Howie Dunnit climbed down the two hundred-foot precipice. The driver's body was a shattered mass of broken bones and blood. About one hundred feet beyond, the sports car lay on its side, a total wreck.

Strange, said Lt. Dunnit, pointing to the seat belt, obviously unused, which lay in the fresh blood that covered the driver's bucket seat. I doubt that even a seat belt could have saved his life said Hugh.

I better call the state police said Howie. It looks like one more traffic fatality for the year. Do you think he fell asleep at the wheel?

No, said Lt. Dunnit. He was murdered. Why murder?

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