Monday, December 17, 2007

Thank you Patty!

It really is killing me to be camera-less!

Anyway - today I recieved the most lovely box from Patty in Florida. And at the risk of spoiling things, Patty, by next week you are going to know why - before I opened the package - I was having a giggling fit! It is such a small world...

Anyway - I recieved a lovely recipe parchment! A recipe for Jeff's Double Batch Dutch Babies (try saying that real fast) that looks so good....I just think a sample should have been sent too!! LOL!

A lovely Christmas tin with handmade crocheted snowflakes in them which will go on the tree tonight....I know you made them Patty and I thank you so very much. I love those snowflakes. I once tried to make some...yeah....I didnt cherish those like I am going to cherish these!

A book I have never seen before and cant wait to start - complete with a bookmark - The Christmas Bus by Melody Carlson.

Holiday ornament balls filled wiht kisses and reeses pb cups (you know - those things I have been craving and snarking since Halloween!!) And the CUTEST "Gold Antler Reindeer" with more candy. He is so cute - I am going to have to put him up high to keep him for myself from my grandkids!

Great gifts - the swap was great fun - thank you so much Patty!!!!

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Jane said...

Wow - what a great package! Isn't Patty great!