Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thank you Irene!

Thank you so much to Irene for my wonderful Christmas swap package. As you can see she sent no end of treats. There were lovely knitting patterns (given the $ doldrums I have only lusted after Rowan patterns--how nice to have some) and a copy of our current read. Not only did she send a recipe, she also sent some of the cookies and the spices with which to make them. (Please note that cookies are not in photo...they were really good:)). Also included were lovely red hearts for the tree made by her mother, and candles made by her sons (who obviously inherited their mother's craftiness), plus she sent paper nisse and a woven angel from her childhood. This was a unique and thoughful box that--beyond the presents--made me feel included in a very special Danish Christmas.

Thank you Irene and Happy New Year


Jane said...

What a nice package! And what will power you have to wait until Christmas to open it!

irenebgsted said...

Hi Stephanie I forgot to send you some yarn. You will recieve some in the new year. Hugs and love from Irene.