Friday, December 14, 2007


I have finished my Dead of Midnight project and will be giving it to a friend for her birthday which was last week. I wish I could afford to give her more but, alas....

Anyway, since this story was about mystery books being sold in a cafe bookshop I made a bookmark. The shop should have bookmarks for sale or give one with every book purchased. Here is a photo of the one I knit. It is made with Grace cotton and is probably a bit bigger than what it should be but I like it. Here is a close up of it.
You can find it here: It is bookmark Leandra which I got from Pattern Central here: if the the first link doesn't work.
It is an easy knit and does make a good gift whether given with a book or not.

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Jane said...

Very pretty and very clever idea to go with the bookshop. Thanks for the pattern link, I think these would make very nice gifts too.