Monday, December 17, 2007

Package received from Penny

Good morning everyone!

I hope everyone is surviving the storms that seem to be covering most of us. We were supposed to go see Beauty and the Beast yesterday afternoon and Lindsey's Christmas Concert at Baldwin Wallace College was supposed to be yesterday evening. Everything was cancelled. It wasn't that we had that much snow (about 6 inches) but the wind kept everything blowing around all night.

If any of you caught any of the Browns v. Buffalo Bills game from yesterday, you saw what the big boys got to play in . . . silly game.

I remained ensconced in my home all day. We finished decorating and I finished most of my Christmas cards (I think).

Therefore, you all know how very excited I was to get a package from Penny this morning.

There is a bag of wonderful candy (which I am going to hoard and limit myself to one, maybe two, well, possibly three a day). A mystery ("Sugar Cookie Murder"). Two lovely crocheted ornaments -- they don't show up in the picture too well, but they are very lovely. Some handcream (my hands greatly thank you), a little notebook and a bookmark.

Thanks Penny!


Jane said...

Very nice! If you click on the pictures you get a full size and can see the pretty ornaments. And the card - how cute is that! The book looks really interesting too.

Penny said...

I am glad it arrived safe and intact. I want to try the recipe on page 341 called Cherry Bomb Cookies. Did you find my personal recipe in the box?