Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thank you Joan from Texas

I received my wonderful package last week on Thursday. I had to find where I put the camera!
There was a copy of A Christmas Beginning by Anne Perry that looks like a great read. I never read any of her books, can't wait to start it. It also came with a bookmark. And the wildest postcard from Texas! The recipe Joan sent was for Cranberry Salsa. It looks great to make. Hubby will have to make 2 separate batches though. His (jalapenos) and hers (wuss here, no hotties!) Also there was this little round box full of Chocolate Bars. Yummy milk and white chocolate swirled, with pistachios and cranberry's. These were so good I didn't want to share them with hubby!! I some what begged Joan for the recipe for these special treats and she was very kind to give it to me. I will share that with hubby.
I got a cute little sweater (below). We didn't put a regular tree up this year so I have it hanging on the mantel with the stockings. It looks so adorable hanging up there. But hopefully next year it will go on the "official" tree.

This package came at a time when I need cheering. Thank you very much Joan. And I hope You and everyone here at WhoDuknit have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year!!

Merry Christmas from Marielle and Santa too!


Bobbisox said...

Wow, I didn't know Anne Perry had written another book; I love all of hers. Your other gifts were great too, thanks for sharing what you got, the salsa sounds interesting, what will the hers be like?

Jane said...

That sweater ornament is just adorable! Very nice package Patty - and you deserve it! You are always so generous to others!