Sunday, October 15, 2006

Who's Who on Whoduknit

This is a little contest to help you get to know the other members of Whoduknit a little better. Following are 20 questions about Whoduknit members. To win the contest, you will need to match a name to each question. You will have to use your best Whoduknit investigative skills and search each member's blog (listed on the sidebar) to find the answers. Some will be easy, some will require more research. While you are visiting their blogs, please leave a comment to let them know you have been investigating them. E-mail your completed list to me ( Sunday, October 29, and you may be the winner of this 2007 Knitting Pattern Calendar. In the case of a tie or ties, I will use the handy random number generator to determine the winner. If you are a member of this Whoduknit blog and your name and blog link are not on the sidebar and you would like it to be, please e-mail me.

Who's Who on Whoduknit

1. Who made a scarf that is an Algebra problem?
2. Who has seven hamsters?
3. Who lives in Norway?
4. Who has a cat named Ophelia
5. Who has three ponytails of human hair on the top shelf in her kitchen?
6. Who has an obsession with pirates?
7. Who participated in the "Race for the Cure"
8. Who describes herself as an oxymoron and a fuzzy ball of stress?
9. Whose husband is a more experienced knitter than her.
10. Who knows all there is to know about Kelly?
11. Who has a daughter who does yoga?
12. Who spun 12,334 yards of yarn for her Fall Foliage Show?
13. Who recently received the good news that her baby will not need heart surgery?
14. Who wrote, "Be careful of ruffles, for they are everywhere and they are evil?
15. Who home schools her 12 and 14 year old children?
16. Who is a photographer?
17. Who has a dog named Doodles?
18. Who goes to Borders for a Crochet Coffee and Chat?
19. Who has 13 year old twin grandchildren?
20. Who has a nephew in the Marines just back from Iran?



dobarah said...

This was WAY too much fun! LOL...I loved getting to know each of you a bit better!

Hanane said...

This was a hoot...Thanks Jane

mlj1954 said...

hmmmm, a research project.