Friday, October 06, 2006

My Mystery Ball has Arrived!

I'm excited! I came home from work (TGIF) and found a package with my mystery ball in it. Am I the first to receive one??? It is quite funny looking! And there is also a mystery pattern. In fact it is such a mystery that it doesn't even say what size needles to use. But I am a good whoduknit sleuth, and it appears to be worseted weight cotton, so I'm guessing a 6 or 7 will work (Kelly has nothing on me when it comes to unravelling a mystery LOL). Well - I really can't wait - so I will cast on tonight, and maybe by tomorrow I will have uncovered all of the treasures! I have to post a couple of pictures so you can see the ball from both sides - it is just jam packed. Thank you SP!


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