Sunday, October 29, 2006

The greatest friend ever !!!

Guess who that is????

Yes, it's Jane! We "met" on another group, the Knitted Purse Swap, and have been talking all summer on the net. And now my gift from Jane has arrived! And what a gift. I had to sit down while unpacking!

And take a close look at the back....YEAH!!! It's a mystery ball! I have been sighing to Jane about being to late to join this, and as she IS an angel ( I am now convinced of it!!!), she has sent me one. And I am knitting and knitting and having so much fun. To be honest....I don't think I have had such fun ever!!! Thank you so much, Jane, for ypour friendship, and for lifting me up now when I really needed it! You've not only made my day, but I believe this will last until Christmas, at least !! :-)

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