Saturday, October 21, 2006

Thank you, Jane!

While I was knitting I kept trying to figure out who my secret pal would be. I had a feeling it might be "grammieknits!" It has been so much fun being encouraged to finish this pair of socks while finding wonderful little treasures along the way. I love the wristband Jane knitted! She suggested using it as a bookmarker, or as a wrap around a candle. I like both ideas, but have decided it will be the bookmarker I use while reading "Needled to Death" and other mystery books the group decides to read in the future. Thank you so much Jane for your generous gifts, and for introducing me to the "magic loop" method. For those of you whom have never tried this method you really should try it. You will never go back to using double pointed needles, and possibly never using the two circular needle technique for small projects either. In case you are wondering, I was given permission to unravel the remaining yarn when I completed the pair of socks to find all the gifts and Jane's name.

I mailed my secret pal her mystery ball of yarn this morning. I hope she enjoys all the trinkets I picked out for her. Happy knitting everyone!


Jane said...

I'm glad I don't have to be a secret anymore, but sounds like maybe you guessed! Those socks are wild - I hope you meant it when you said you like bright colors! I'm glad you enjoyed all the surprises and like using the magic loop.

Rose said...

I love the bright colors! It was so much fun....I'm in education too, let's talk.