Monday, October 23, 2006

Mystery Ball! complete with extra mystery!

I got my mystery ball last Friday. Here is what I found in the package - a huge ball of yarn - a nice card - a pattern and a book all packed in a Pirates of the Caribbean bag!

So Saturday I start crocheting up the pattern I was sent - I knit and crochet and my partner asked if I would mind a crochet pattern - I let my partner know I had no problem with a Crochet Pattern so that is what I got - here is my progress through Saturday:

I have found a candle, a small holiday scrapbook kit and some yummy body lotion! I finished up the first part of the pattern last night so I cut the yarn and started the second part - then I finished that tonight and had to unwind the green yarn to get to the yarn for the flower on my pattern - so tonight I did the big unwind - look at the amazing amount of loot my partner got in my ball of yarn:

There is a whole ball of yummy SWS for the flower, Chocolate Doubloons, Pirate M&Ms, Cute Pirate Candles, a Book Light, Two sets of of a game called Pirates of the Spanish Main, A tiny sweater, Halloween Stitch Markers, A Skull Ring, Mints and the stuff I mention before - and in the very middle two Babylon 5 Cards:

I guess I better get researching because I have no idea who likes Babylon 5 on the group! Does anyone have a clue for me? I will post pictures of my finished bag once I get everything made and felted Thank you MBSP! I love everything!


Jane said...

Wow! I cannot believe your SP got all of that into a ball of yarn!
Yes - I know who she is. No - I'm not telling! The answer must be somewhere in those cards. Good luck! Can't wait to see your finished project.

Stephanie... said...

That is fabulous and I love, love, love that the mystery continues.