Saturday, October 04, 2008

Suicide or Murder? Solution

Solution: Had Hank Gram shot himself on the bench during the windstorm, the blood from the sound would not have descended in a solid line down his face. The wind would have smeared it over his face and spattered in on his clothes. Therefore, Ms. Dunnit knew he had been kiiled somewhere else and the suicide faked. And...the winner of the drawing this week is Kathy (aka Aunt Kathy) who finall got one right! >VBG<

The corpse of Hank Gram, owner of a large yarn company, sat facing the ocean on the deserted northern end of the boardwalk at Ocean City, slumped to the right against the arm of the stone bench. From the bullet wound in the center of his forehead dried blood descended in a solid line down the right side of the his face, staining his white collar and hand knit blue tie.
"A trash collector discovered the body at eight this morning", Lt. Hugh Dunnit told his sister, Ms. Dunnit. "Death occurred between midnight and two this morning", said Hugh Dunnit. Ms. Dunnit studied the pistol on the boardwalk. "You're convinced it's suicide?" she asked. "Gram has been despondent over the recent failure of his yarn company", replied Lt. Dunnit. "Last night he attended a party. Afterward, the whole group drove out here in several cars to eat hot dogs from the hot dog stand on the beach. It turned cold and a windstorm arose that didn't let up until dawn. Around 11 P.M. Gram excused himself and went outdoors. His friends got worried about him, but after waiting until 1 A.M., they figured he had gone home alone in his car. This wasn't the first time Gram had moodily walked out of a party in the past few weeks, said Lt. Dunnit. But nobody suspected he'd ever take his own life."
"He didn't", said Ms. Dunnit.
How did she know?
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