Friday, May 30, 2008

My May Project

Well I have yet to read along with the group. I just joined and didn't have a book for May. Therefore I don;t have any May projects except the Mystery Kal. It's funny as I started knitting it I thought it was a headband, then when I saw it was to be sewn together I thought it would hold those long stick matches... but why would anyone want to put matches inside a knitted sleeve??? Yeah my solving skills need some serious fine tuning.

The only part missing from my finished KAL is the button. I couldn't find my stash of buttons... where they are is a MYSTERY, lol. So I quickly ordered several sets from ETSY on the 13th, but they still have not been sent. So alas I must photograph without the button, just picture one there OK?

This first picture was taken with my sons camera, I get a much sharper picture but it messed up the color, here it is looking orangey
But the real color is PINK, my favorite and that is no MYSTERY.
Here is a close up, see how I tried to secure the flap down with the knitting needles, pathetic huh?
Well there you go. I am officially ready though for June. I have a PD James book on the way. Look out I will be knitting away in June, LOL

By the way in case I haven't introduced myself I am Aunt Kathy (AK for short) I am a grandmother, knitter, friend, mom and wife (in that order, lol) I live in Upstate NY (near Albany) but was born and raised in San Diego CA area.

That's all folks,

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Jane said...

Good job! Thanks for posting your finished mystery KAL.