Monday, May 05, 2008

Mystery Swap, and Mystery gift!

This is my Mystery YarnBall Swap! And it’s from Kim! THANK’s Kim! I love it!!! It really, really made me smile and smile and smile! It’s so fun with these swaps. Unforunately they sometimes get lost. But then you just have to try agian, right? This did make my day!

And that wasn’t all! I got a mystery package moer. And that was from Steph. She sent me Hot tomales THANK’s, Steph! My camera said goodnight, so I don’t have any pictures of them…and now it’s a bit too late……i don’t know why….

But, really Kim….did you think I could wait to unravel all the goodies????? This was what was inside the beautiful yarn ( which I’m going to make a shawl of!) And Kim, you got me wanting to dye again, so tomorrow I’ll find everthing and start dyeing on Wednesday Thank’s again, love!

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Jane said...

Oh you cheater!!!! But I guess you are forgiven since you waited so patiently for your mystery yarn ball. Be sure to post a picture of the shawl when you are finished.