Saturday, May 31, 2008

Haunted House Mystery Solution

When Lt.Dunnit was in the upstairs bedroom he 'pushed open' the bedroom window to get a better look at the terrace.
Yet, Rip Herringbone said that he saw Hank Yarnover slide up the window and throw Purl to her death, so he concluded that Hank was innocent.
8 of you got the answer correct this time, and Patt Marcial won the drawing. Congratulations Patt!

Lt. Hugh Dunnit and his wife Knitty loved the house the real estate agent was showing him. It had everything they were looking for. Large rooms, and a modern kitchen on the ground floor, and best of all, the master bedroom on the second floor looked out over a beautiful terrace. As Lt. Dunnit pushed open the bedroom window to get a better look, the agent added that the house also came with a ghost!

"The ghost is Purl Yarnover", explained the agent. One year ago she was hurled from this very window. Her body was found on the terrace below. At first it was thought that it was a suicide or an accident, but then they realized that the window was closed when she was found. Her husband, Hank Yarnover, admitted that he had entered the bedroom and closed the window himself. It was a chilly day and he claimed that he didn't know his wife lay dead on the stones below. Of course he was sentenced to life___"

"On what evidence?" asked Lt. Dunnit. "His neighbor, Rip Herringbone, saw the whole thing. He had been out birdwatching and through his binoculars he had seen Hank Yarnover slide up the window and throw poor Purl to her death."

"I've decided not to buy the house," said Lt. Dunnit, but I'm going to see that Hank Yarnover is given a new trial."

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Aunt Kathy said...

Oh drat and double drat, I thought that answer was too obvious so I dismissed it.