Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mysteries Revealed!

First - the May Mystery KAL -It's a knitting needle cozy for Miss Silver - so that she has something to carry her needles around in when she is solving all of those crimes! The pattern was adapted from the Princess Needle Cozy by Classic Yarns . It really does hold quite a few pairs of needles - I have four in this one and could easily add a couple more. I found that the best way to put them in is pointed side up so that they don't come through the bottom of the cozy. I hope that you enjoyed knitting yours and will post your photos on the blog!

Two members guessed correctly what it was - Congratulations Valerie and Heather! If you two will send me your mailing addresses ( I will send you some personalized knitting note cards.

And...How did she know? While Tink was telling Miss Purl how he was going to kill her, she continued to plant the tulip bulbs. Little did he realize that she was planting them in a pattern. In the spring when Ms. Dunnit visited the flower gardens she could very clearly see "Tink killed me" spelled out in tulips.

At least this time you were all on the side of the law! 12 members guessed correctly - and the lucky winner is .... Aunt Kathy! Must be beginners luck! Choose a prize from the prize locker, send me your address, and it will be on it's way to you Kathy.

Be looking for a new Murder Mystery to solve later on today!

1 comment:

Aunt Kathy said...

Wow I WON??? I guess it is beginners luck. Thank you very much.

I can't open the prize locker though, it says document not available.

I hope you don;t think I am a serial killer now, lol.

I will email you my address.