Monday, January 14, 2008

My Farewell to Yarns Project

Here is my project for A Farewell to Yarns. One is the back and one is the front. I guess if you can't tell which is which, I did pretty well in weaving in the ends! When I read the story, I immediately thought of this afghan, which I began in November of 2006, while waiting for my son to have a CT scan. I used Red Heart sport-weight yarn in hopes of making it similar to one in one of the treatments rooms at Dartmouth Hospital, but that one was made of cotton thread, and so is much finer. The dark green looks almost black in the picture, but is really green. This afghan still needs a few rows of blocks, then a scalloped edging. Right now it is in use, and is draped over the back of the rocking chair in the living room, with the bag of yarn and a crochet hook nearby, for spare moments. Maybe if I do a block a day, I could get it finished in a few weeks? Oh, and I don't know why the blocks slant. They do that no matter how I spread it out. My friend, Karen, made the same afghan, but with Red Heart worsted weight, and I don't remember hers slanting. Is it the tension? Is it sport weight versus worsted weight? That remains a mystery!

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Stephanie... said...

I LIKE the slant! It looks cheerful and jaunty.