Saturday, January 12, 2008

Goals for 2008 Contest

Post your goals for 2008 - a winner will be drawn on January 12.


Deb W said...

Gee . . . an I thought you meant knitting goals! With two kids and a business in my home clutter is my primary enemy. I destashed and organized my craft supplies last August. Now to attack the File Room of the office, dining room/homeschool room and my bedroom. If I get those three areas under control there may be hope of keeping everything "in its place." Then there is the three pair of socks to finish mates for, the new projects that come along with the KALs and knit a beautiful sweater vest for myself. Staying up with my reading is the easiest thing in my life . . . too bad doing the dishes isn't as fun!

danielle said...

Organization! That is my goal! To get - and keep - things organized!
To dig out the 'computer room' and make it more useable!To finish some UFOs (have to be semi-realistic - I know I wont finish all of them!)

deb said...

My goals for 2008 are:
1. Make one pair of socks per month
2. Make a aran sweater for my fiance
3. Make hats to match socks
4. Make fingerless gloves to match socks.
5. Make scarves to match socks.
6. Clean up and organize my yarn room.
7. Make and give away scarves to the homeless.
8. Try to reduce my stash a bit.
9. complete ufo's
10. don't make any ufo's

Penny said...

Deb I like your goal of knitting apair of socks every month. I second that and would love to knit two pair a month but I think that is too much.
I am so thrilled I cleaned up my stash/sewing/craft room before the end of the year and you now can see the floor. YIPEE. I just need to clean up the rest of my apt and get rid of stuff I don't wear or need. LOL