Tuesday, January 15, 2008


For my December project I also finished a granny afghan I crocheted. It was from a swap in the Yarn Lovers Room and has been hanging around for about three or so years. This swap was to send one 10" square to everyone on the list. It could be any color but had to be edged in black. As usual there were some who didn't play nice. Here is my finished Dec project

and some close ups.

Soon on my blog you will be able to see some of the individual squares. I didn't photograph all the squares just some of the more unusual ones.

Actually, I have another bunch of squares from another swap in that same group to put together. I also have a lot of squares knit using wool by the Woolman who lived and had a yarn shop in my city many years ago which I received after he died.

Squares received from people in the Yarn Lover's Room Swaps are all very different and no two people in this swap have the same completed afghan as everyone doesn't necessarily send the same crochet/knit pattern or use the same colors in their squares they send out.

The one I haven't finished is from a blue and white swap and the squares had to be in only blues and whites. In this swap we sent two seven inch squares to each person in the swap. AND again some people didn't play nice. I want to edge these blue and white squares first to give them some co-ordination before I put them together.
This was a fun swap as I got to finish a UFO!!!! and learn how to put my granny square afghan together. I am sure there are other ways to join squares and I hope to learn more ways eventually.



Stephanie... said...

OMG everyone has such beautiful afghans. I think this book was great if only to get all of you to finish your projects. What are you going to keep in the stash space that formerly housed the squares??????????????????

Penny said...

More yarn HEE HEE

rmj318 said...

Penny...the afghan is absolutely beautiful!

Penny said...