Friday, January 11, 2008

2008 Goals

My main goal for this wonderful new year is to convert my son's former room into my "Studio." Now that DS {Dear Son} is away at college and planning on moving onward and upward when he graduates, I have his permission to take over the room that had originally been my "project" room. I appreciate the time we had with him when he was growing up and do not regret having to give up the room for 20 years to make way for a bouncing baby boy, mature for his age even at birth.

I would enjoy organizing the entire house more, but I have a feeling that will take a lot longer than a year. This year is my time to concentrate on this one room, making it my place of refuge after long, grueling days at work.

1) Sort thru DS's belongings and box up the things he might still want (he has given permission and an idea of what he wants and what he no longer wants)
2) Repaint the room
3) Change the window "treatment"
4) Change the flooring
5) Set up some organizers for my stamps, beads and yarn
6) Set up a reading/DVD watching/knitting corner

Happy New Year and best of luck to everyone in accomplishing their goals!

Delores aka Knitted Zebra

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