Friday, January 11, 2008

2008 Goals

The long Holiday To Do List has been crossed out, wadded up and tossed. I was avoiding making any new year resolutions, but was challenged by the Goal Setting Contest. As I considered the fresh new days before me I realized they are too precious to waste by failure to consider what I want to accomplish. So after mulling it around, here is my short list:
  • Clear out the cluttered spots of my home/office. (This would greatly improve my peace of mind.)
  • Complete the kids' personal scrapbooks.
  • Focus on a few KALs so that I might actually complete the projects. (Reading the related books is not a problem.)
  • Learn to knit the Magic Loop. (My previous attempts have ended in frustration with me muttering, "I'll stay with my dpns!")
  • Craft holiday/birthday gifts through the year. (This should prevent the exhaustion from late nights in Nov/Dec working like a mad woman to get gifts done.)
I'd like to learn how to post pictures to my blog, finish two cross stitch Christmas Stockings, develop a regular exercise routine, learn to play the cello . . . (sigh) the days are too short!

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