Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spring Mystery Swap Package 2

I received my package from Jane the other day. I hadn't had a chance to post it.

She themed my package to my "Oasis" we put up in the backyard. With the yarn I sent her she made me some coaster's to go around the pretty glasses she sent me. Each one is a different design. Which can be filled with some Raspberry tea. A parrot wind sock and a wind chime to put out by the gazebo. A some bubbles to blow!

She knitted a beautiful bag for me. She knows my weakness. She made it from Noro yarn she had in her stash. Isn't it gorgeous? She also gave me some Sugar & Cream that I can use to crochet around the flip flops above. And she even sent along a book with patterns to do so, and some crochet magazines. She also sent 2 books I haven't read yet. I have seen this author but never had a chance to try him out.

Hopefully, when all the wind gusts die down we can put the gazebo back up. We had to take it down about 3 weeks ago and haven't been able to get it back up. With the fires just down the road, the smoke is so bad you can't sit outside. So until then I will have some items ready to go when we put up the gazebo. (Which will have to be after "Andrea")

Thanks Jane!!!

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Jane said...

I hope you can enjoy your oasis again real soon!