Saturday, May 12, 2007

Look at my new hobby!!!!!

Boy did I have fun today! Dyeing yarn is really a lot of fun and not messy at all! I'm right the opposite of Vigdis tho, I have plenty of kool-aid and no more yarn. I dyed the two hanks I had and now need to order more. I have a bag full of kool-aid to send to Vigdis tho. I now know the excitement she has felt doing all that yarn. I am going to order more from Knitpics and also going to do a search to see if anyone else has bare yarn really cheap.

Here is a photo of my finished yarn hanging on my back porch drying as we speak. The top one has grape, orange, cherry and lemon-lime in four different sections. The second one is sprinkle dyed, with the same four colors, but when sprinkling you can mix and get more colors. I think they both turned out beautiful and can't wait for them to dry, so I can wind them and start knitting my scarfs. If you want to see the rest of the photos, please jump over to my blog and take a peek.

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