Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I am not losing my mind

What is she doing? What could this possibly be about????? Who are these kids??

And who are these kids?? Look the poor dear has to wear jeans with holes in the knees, poor thing. But why are they posted here on OUR blog????

And look at this beautiful tree . . . but what is that peaking out from the side . . . sockless feet . . . the poor man doesn't have socks to wear??

You may all wonder what it is that I am doing.
Christmas pics in MAY???
Sockless feet?

It is May 23rd which, in knitting terms means that we (well at least I) have to start focusing on Christmas knitting.

The kids singing are students from my husband's school. Every year they do a mitten/hat/scarf/sock tree. The really cool thing about this is most of these kids come relatively poor families but without fail every student brings in hats and mittens for the tree. Last year, we knit (and crocheted) a couple of hats and scarves for the tree.

The kids in the middle are my two youngest . . . I just put them there because of the hats they had on (they are felt, not felted) and because they (the kids . . . not the hats) are so cute!

Finally, the sockless wonder is my husband. Why he was cuddling so close to our Christmas tree is anyone's guess . . . although I would venture to guess that it is because of all the relatives that were behind him! I would also like to say that he would be very upset with our kids if they were laying that close to the tree. On the other hand, it was one of the better pics I had of our tree. (NOTE: If you look to the left of the tree, there is part of my very large family (46 in attendance for Christmas) and to the right of the tree is a quilt with pics on it that my older sister made for me a couple of Christmases ago . . . gorgeous . . . I cried, she cried, our husbands shook their heads).

My Christmas goals (which I am posting because goals that are written down are more achievable than goals that are not written down . . . or at least that is what my WW leader said):

Make at least three hats for the tree, make Lindsey her GAUNTLETS (I actually have the yarn, pattern and needles . . . Lindsey on the other hand keeps changing her mind about the yarn and pattern).

Make Zachariah a hat and socks.

And, because my family does a Christmas gift exchange amongst the adults, a SHAWL. I don't know who will get it . . . but since my DH, oldest daughter and I all participate in the exchange, chances are really good that once of us will get a female recipient . . . plus, I can always put a "fix" in with my brother who is the one who distributes the names.

I would make Dave socks but I am not sure he would appreciate them. When he is not at work, he wears white tube socks. When he is at work (teaching first graders), he wears heavy (seriously heavy) black socks. He is always hot and would never appreciate wool and would, in any event, not think twice about throwing the things into the washer and dryer.

So, what are your goals for Christmas gift giving???


Cathy said...

it's May
too early to think about gift giving
i have been thinkin' about my annual stocking kit
i KNOW what i want to do
better get my butt in gear

Jane said...

Thanks for the great family pics and for the inspiration - time to make a list! I'm thinking about felted slippers - Knitty's "Fuzzy Feet" are quick to knit or maybe the slipper socks cable footies) from One Skein. I need some more ideas....anyone?

Mary Lynn said...

I was going to put a pic of snow on Christmas day but, oops, we didn't have snow on Christmas day . . . we did in April though!