Sunday, May 20, 2007

Whoduknit Mystery Bottle Swap

Sign-ups are closed and partners have been assigned. Have fun!

Whoduknit Mystery Bottle Swap

What is a bottle swap? This is how it works. You buy a two liter bottle of soda. Then you drink it (or pour it down the drain). Wash it and let it dry. Then you take off the label and cut an X in the bottle. Here comes the fun part. You fill it with goodies for your partner. How do you know what to put in it? Well - you are a member of Whoduknit, right? You read mysteries? You know all about stalking? So e-mail your partner from an anonymous e-mail address, go to her blog and do some research, google her name - never know what you will come up with! Yarn, books, patterns, handknit items, knitting accessories,bookmarks, candy etc. But nothing breakable please! Then tape the opening shut, glue the top onto the bottle, tape a mailing label on it, and take it to the post office to mail it. This is very legal - Cathy, our bottle swap hostess, worked for the PO for 25 years and can vouch for it. So don't let the PO give you any grief about it!

The Rules

Sign-ups begin May 13 and end May 20
Partners will be assigned by May 24
Everything you mail MUST fit into a 2 liter bottle. No boxes, plastic totes, or 5 gallon containers allowed!
( Exception: If you are mailing international, you will have to put your bottle into a box or a padded envelope to mail it. Please check with your PO for size and weight limitations.)
Bottles should be mailed by June 30. You will need to get a delivery confirmation number and send the number to the bottle swap hostess. (For international mailing please provide the custom number).

This is a secret swap - the person you are sending to will not be the person sending to you. It's up to you if you want to remain anonymous - but it's really fun to do that.
Want to Play? Of course you do! Here is what to do:
Send an e-mail to our Bottle Swap Hostess, Cathy at with the subject line "Whoduknit Bottle Swap" and include the following information:
Your full real name
Your e-mail address
Your mailing address
Your blog address
Your telephone number (this will be kept confidential and only used in case of a communication breakdown)
Willing to mail international : Yes __ NO __home environment : pets___ smoke ___allergic to : pets ___ smoke ___other____

You will notice there is no questionnaire - that's because this is a 'mystery' swap, and you need to do the detective work. That means you MUST contact your pal as soon as you receive her name, and begin the interrogation. And when your pal contacts you, you MUST reply as soon as possible. Any failure to communicate with your pal in a timely manner will result in being eliminated from this swap. If you are going away on vacation - send a postcard! If your computer crashes - use that good old fashioned snail mail! But if you do find that for any reason at all you cannot fulfill your obligation in this swap - please e-mail Cathy at as soon as possible so that your partner will not be disappointed.
Are you ready???
Sign-ups begin now!

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