Friday, April 27, 2007

Spring Mystery Swap

About a week or so ago, I received some lovely blue handspun from Stephanie. If I can ever get the group's photo page or blogspot to come up, I'll post a pic. I know what book I am going to send her - it's by my favorite author. It's not necessarily my favorite book, but it's definitely the eeriest by this author, and it includes quite a bit of knitting in the story line. I just re-read my copy to get inspiration and finally decided on a project. :-) The knitting character in the book sells items in a boutique and the project I found is a boutique-y kind of item. I've combined 2 different texture yarns in the same color family to enhance the boutique-iness.Is this enough of a teaser??? LOL


(posted by Jane for KyleAnn)

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Stephanie... said...

Ah...YES that's enough of a teaser!!!!!!!!