Saturday, April 07, 2007

Have you sat in the Atlanta Airport for four hours before?

Hey Everyone! This morning I got up bright and early to head to the Atlanta airport to meet our very own Cathy. I think I have found a friend for live! Can you guess who is who. No telling KyleAnn, we know you have met Cathy before. We got breakfast at Atlanta Bread Company, sat in the atrium and run off at the mouth for four hours. We had a great time! We both brought our knitting, but Cathy was the only one knitting her socks, which were of course on 2 circs.

My sock as you can see in the next photo is a pattern from Mary Aman, also on our group. She is my spring swap partner and found out that I am just learning to knit socks and sent me a pattern that she designed. It is called Geese in Flight and is so beautiful. This photo does not show the detail, but it really is nice. I am making it out of peach colored yarn. I didn't knit on mine, as this pattern takes a lot of concentration on my part and I was afraid I would mess it up too much since we were talking so much. Of course I noticed that after I downloaded the photo to the computer that I'm holding the sock upside
I also took some of the yarn that Mary sent me for the spring swap and we talked a little about what I'm going to knit for her.
We really had a great time and I look forward to meeting with Cathy again. Oh and ask Cathy about her


KyleAnn said...

You two look like a really dangerous pair! Of knitters that is. LOL You sure look like you're having fun. I know I enjoyed meeting Cathy, too. But, um, all everyone has to do is look at the picture of the sock you are making to guess who is who. ROFL.

Jane said...

So glad you two had such a great time! Knitters just seem to bond, don't they? How exciting to get to meet someone you have only known in cyberspace! Some day we will have to organize a Whoduknit Knit-in where we can all finally meet! Thanks for the pictures - and yes, I do know who is who!

Tryin_ta_knit said...

i had a GREAT time
thanks Deb for getting up early & meeting me for breakfast
will post a pic of my "DUCK" when i get home mon nite
i didn't think the sock was upside down
you are holding it by the needles
was disappointed
the snow here in Dallas melted before i arrived, so i can NOT take a pic of it for Jane

gotta catch some ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Joyce said...

I love your sock, Deb. And how fun to meet each other in person, and talk and knit together! Knitters are a special group, that's for sure.