Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Leaping Leprechauns indeed!

Well, the stash did arrive safely in Ireland but how it got into the house is still a mystery to my owner and I'm not purring! No way, no matter what luscious loose strands of yarn she tempts me with. There were no severed heads in the box but delicious yarn. After many days of petting the yarn, difficult decisions had to be made - take it all or just some! Why do they take so long over yarn decisions?

She eventually re-packed the box and got it ready for the post, took it out to the garden to get good light for a photo and went back inside to get the camera. That's when it happened. Hims-elf arrived and tried to steal it, but I had a steady paw on the box. Hims-elf had to bargain with me. He offered me his crock of gold in exchange - I knew she would never part with yarn no matter how much gold was on offer but it was me hims-elf was dealing with. So we haggled for a while in the sunshine and when she came out it was a done deal. What deal? As I said, I don't purr and tell. So now you'll all have to wait to see if it ever arrives at it's next destination or have I a life's supply of fish treats?!

Bella, your feline friend.


Jane said...

I know where you live Hims-elf! And I have 80 Whoduknit sleuths who will hunt you down if you don't give up the stash!!!!

Mary Lynn said...

ah it was a good way to start the day with a smile.

I'm glad that I was one of the first to receive the stash! Those who have been waiting, have fun and good luck!

Stephanie... said...

Don't purr and tell? LOL very good. I love the variety of animals, people and characters the box has met on its travels.

Deb Brown said...

This has been a great adventure, good job Jane!