Sunday, April 15, 2007

WhoDuKnit Swap Shop

This is a new feature on the WhoDuKnit Yahoo Group called the WhoDuKnit Swap Shop. This is a place where you can list books, magazines, yarn, and other stuff that you would like to swap for other books, magazines, yarn and other stuff! It's strictly a swap - no selling allowed.
Here's how it works. To list items that you would like to swap- go to the Files on the WhoDuKnit Yahoo Group and click on the folder "WhoDuKnit Swap Shop". Then click on "Create Text File". Where it says "File Name" put your name, i.e. "Jane's Swaps", and where it says description list the type of things you want to swap, i.e. books, yarn, etc. In the "File Content" space put the details, names, authors, types of yarn, etc. and what you would like to trade for, and the e-mail address where you can be contacted. Then click on 'create file'.
You can also click on other members files to see what they have to swap.
This is a 'do it yourself swap' - you make your own contacts and arrange your own swaps - at your own risk! The management of Whoduknit will not be responsible for flakes! However, they will be banned from posting in the WhoDuKnit Swap Shop.

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