Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thank you Nate!

I am so excited! I cant wait to start this project.....1/2 a sleeve left to do on my February Lady sweater....or this.....I hate making decisions!
Anyway, the pattern is for a mini yarn tamer - something that I can definitely use - and you can see the beautiful multicolored cotton yarn Nate sent me for this!
Cant wait to start 'unwrapping' the goodies inside!


Jane said...

Okay - everyone seems to know what a yarn tamer is except me!

Joyce said...

Is that one of those things that my LYS owner calls a yarn bra? It holds the ball to keep it from running around the room, also to keep it from becoming a tangled mess while you knit. The yarn-bra ones remind me of the mesh bags you can get onions in in the grocery store. A knitted or crocheted one would be much prettier! Also, I like the "yarn tamer" name better!