Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Game of Whoduknit Clue

Rules of the Game

Mr. Boddy has been killed once again. One clue a day for the next 6 days will be posted on the Whoduknit Yahoo Group. Read the clues carefully and by process of elimination, you will figure out WHO is the murderer; WHAT weapon was used in the murder and WHERE the murder took place. Clues begin on Sunday, March 8 and end on Friday the 13th (will it be your lucky day?). After the last clue has been posted you will have 48 hours to solve the crime and e-mail the correct answer to me. grammieknitsatyahoodotcom. Please do not e-mail your answers to the group!

Suspects: Mr. Green, Professor Plum, Col. Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. White, Miss Scarlet

Weapons: Knife, candlestick, revolver, rope, lead pipe, wrench

Rooms: Ballroom, kitchen, conservatory, study. billiard room, lounge

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