Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chain Reaction

What started as a scarf ended up as the handles for a handbag. I love it, Danielle. I still think I should make up a felted bracelet or choker for Abby on NCIS.......time time time, how can I get more?

UPDATE: The easier question to answer would be what DIDN'T fall out of the yarn ball!!! This is by no means a complete list: a lindt truffle, a package of california poppy seeds (to plant), stitch markers of various kind, a Celeste's garden bobby pin, hot chocolate mix, "Be Fearless" (which I need to tattoo to the back of my hand as a reminder and some cute little sheep clips.

As to how I made the bag from a scarf...I started out making the scarf. I was totally loving the process, but I realized that I wouldn't wear it often enough to tell people the wonderful story of how it entered my I made to baby scarves (marley's ghost pattern and put it on a handbag I made up as I went along. I felted it and this purse is the result. Life Is Good!!!! (just like the t-shirt says)


Jane said...

I love this! Are you going to tell us what fell out of the yarn ball?

danielle said...

I love how that turned out!!!!!!

MLJ1954 said...

Incredible!! What great fun. You are so creative.