Sunday, September 14, 2008

Who Killed Margaret? Solution

Solution: Yup, it was the milkman. There was a newspaper on the porch but no milk bottle because the milkman knew she was dead and did not realize that the sheriff would wait so long to investigate the murder. And the winner in the random drawing this week is.....Holly! Congratulations Holly!

Lt. Dunnit is back with a new murder mystery to solve, and as usual, he needs your help!

Margaret Stove was a recluse who had been stabbed to death two days ago with the very Addie Turbo knitting needles she was using to knit her Mystery Stole. The town sheriff had received an anonymous call at 4 a.m. the day before that she had been murdered, but thought it was just another prank and confessed to Lt. Hugh Dunnit that he didn't investigate it until the next day. He told Lt. Dunnit that Margaret lived alone and never went out of the house. She spent most of her days knitting and her social life revolved around her internet knitting groups. She had been the butt of every practical joke in the book, including the death report, a dozen times.
The sheriff took Lt. Dunnit to Margaret's house and explained, as they stood on the porch that aside from a daily milk and newspaper delivery, the only visitors who saw her regularly were the grocery boy and her doctor, and both were due tomorrow. Lt. Dunnit could see why. The driveway to the house was overgrown and impassable and deliveries obviously had to be made on foot. Dunnit sat down on a rocking chair, the only object on the sagging porch except for two unopened newspapers. "Who was the last person to see Ms. Stove alive?" he asked. "Probably Kara Bella."" the sheriff said. Early on the day of Margaret's death she was driving by and noticed the old lady come out on the porch to take in her bottle of milk." Margaret Stove was supposed to have fifty thousand dollars hidden someplace. We can't find it, or any clues.
"Except for the anonymous telephone call," said Lt. Dunnit. "The murderer never figured you wouldn't investigate within the hour!"
Who did Lt. Dunnit suspect?

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