Saturday, August 02, 2008

Yard Sale Swap Package Received

A binder filled with patterns all inside plastic protector sheets, what a wonderful idea.
Two mystery books to read, 3 American Indian note cards, a bookmark, a journal with a matching bookmark (little did she know I use these exact journals to write down my original patterns before I type them on the computer, I like to have backup, lol) a 2008 knitting calendar with patterns on each day and she got it for $1.00, what a great find. Some KnitPicks gloss yarn in the color Dusk, (hmm any ideas on what I can make with this, it's beautiful) and knitted felted bracelet kit... it's the neatest thing. I am going to make it for my niece Hannah, her birthday is this week and it will be my gift to her. Just perfect timing, if you ask me.

I tell you it sure looks like it's worth more then $10.00... I hope I can find as many good deals for my swap partner when I finally start looking.

Thank you so much to my secret partner... you did a great job. I am very pleased with everything. I just am in awe.

Aunt Kathy

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Jane said...

Your pal spent her $10 wisely!