Thursday, August 07, 2008

Our Sneaky Fearless Leader

Jane takes the craftiness cake this week. She EMAILED me and said that my secret swap partner was trying to email me, and by chance did it end up in my spam folder. She then went on to FWD me a list of questions. That was HER all along!

I WAS SNOOKERED. And I loved every single second of it. YOU GOT ME!

Thank you. If I EVER get to Maine, I am shopping with you. Wow. You are a bargin finder extroidaire. Holy Buckets. I can't decide what I like the most. But, the good part is that I don't have to. D, my 13 yo, has run off with the microspun saying something about how it is so soft and she wants something made of it. They both wanted the fancy popcicle kleenex...NO WAY....MINE. My oldest snagged the sour candies, and I'm left with a great pile to fondle, ohhh and ahhhh IN QUIET. Tonight I will start flipping through the mags (dangerous) and pick out what book I'm going to read next. *sigh of happiness* Who said ironing day couldn't be a pack of fun!

Thank you Jane!


Jane said...

I'm glad you (and your dds) liked the package. I actually did send you an e-mail from my anonymous account and you never got it and so, I put my sneaky skills to work.

Aunt Kathy said... who is the silly one... I am reading this blog post and then I saw the picture and I thought WOW this girl could be Shelly's twin. So I enlarge the photo and WHAT to I discover??? IT IS SHELLY, LOL. Duh... AK try reading the name of the poster (kadezmom) before you go trying to be a Sherlock Holmes. geez...

Shelly you didn't even tell me about this, so who is the sneaky one???

kadezmom said...


It's been a long week, hasn't it? *grabs for more coffee*

Jane - I still missed it, as you can tell, my observation skills mirror AK's!

AK - You are too funny! Too much happened before I talked to you last night and I was in NO frame of mind this morning.

*sitting here still chuckling*