Friday, August 29, 2008

Mystery Project recieved

I recieved a huge box in the mail today from Karen V who is either #1 an overachiever or #2 as guilt laden (which is not necessary at all!) as she says she is!
So here is what she knit for me from my yarn. Unfortunately is is about 105 degrees outside and we do not have air conditioning so I have not been able to try them on! The clapotis scarf and my very own pair of mitts!!!!!! YAY!!!! I have been wanting both - but have not taken the time to knit either one for myself!

And look at these books! Perfect timing for the lace shawls because a friend of mine recently became engaged and I really want to make something special for her and have been looking for a special shawl to make! So cant wait to look thru this book later tonight. And yes, Karen wrapped each item seperately in tissue paper and stuck a little K note on each! The books looks great - have read both authors and enjoy their writing so am looking forward to reading these!

And here is a lovely bunch of things....special salt and hot chocolate (good thing - regular chocolate would probably have melted and evaporated! Just the things I need right now - line post its to help follow patterns and some perfect sized stitch markers for sock knitting! A new Chibi set - a tin of mints which will eventually hold the markers -- a great calculator and a wonderful timer (do I really want to know how much time I spend knitting? But I can put it by my chair when I am cooking so I no longer have to say - oops! I didint hear the timer go off!!!)

And looky! My very own sock blocker key chain complete with sockie on it! Again, have used these for gifts but never made myself one!!

I have been SO WONDERFULLY spoiled - thank you so much!! And the fun thing is - Monday is my anniversary so it is fun to recieve presents this weekend! Karen, thank you very very VERY much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jane said...

Wow - that was worth the wait!!!!

danielle said...

It sure was!!!!!