Tuesday, August 05, 2008

No Noose is good news!


Although James Brett said that he did not know where Red Hart was staying and had never been there, he knew that the door chime was coming from the back door and not the front, which an innocent person would have assumed. We had eight correct answers this week and Judy, our newest member (how's that for beginner's luck!) won the drawing! Congratulations Judy. Please choose a prize from the prize locker in the files on the Yahoo Group and send me your address. (grammieknitsatyahoodotcom).

James Brett called Lt. Hugh Dunnit in a panic. His business partner, Red Hart had been morose ever since his wife asked him to move out of the house. For the past several days he hadn't shown up at the office and no one had any idea where he was. Brett said he had just received a phone call from Hart saying he couldn't go on without her.
Two hours later Lt. Dunnit was driving to Hart's house with Brett who explained to Lt. Dunnit, "I should have visited him, but nobody knew where he was living. I got the address of the house he was renting this afternoon when he telephoned me to say he was contemplating suicide. I thought you'd better come with me and perhaps have a talk with him."
"He said it was on 252 Plymouth Lane, over the phone," went on Brett.
They found the house and Hugh Dunnit left the car first. Finding the front door ajar, he entered and switched on the lights. Five minutes later the two men found Red Hart hanging by a beam in the attic. As they stood silently staring at the body, a door chime sounded downstairs.
With Lt. Dunnit right behind him, Brett ran to the back door. There stood a teenage girl. "Mother asked me to return this bottle of milk to Mr. Hart," she said.
Lt. Dunnit took the milk, put it in the refrigerator, and then promptly read James Brett his rights and arrested him for the murder of Red Hart. What made him suspect Brett?

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