Saturday, November 03, 2007

Treats all the way from Norway!

I got my T&T swap package from Vigdis today. Talk about some awesome treats! I got some of her specialty hand-dyed yarn, in a beautiful orange. She also sent some black, white, and pumpkin superwash yarn, a copy of "Britain's Best seller-Simply Knitting" (very cool to have a magazine from a different part of the world!), and a pattern book of Norwegian style mittens and socks. It is all written in Norwegian and I can't read it, so I am sure it is my trick. Fortunately a good friend of mine at church is from Norway, so with any luck she might be able to help me figure out the basics. There was also some yummy chocolates that I will be happy to share with Hubband.
Thank you so much Vigdis. This is a really great treat!


Mrs. Hommefoss said...

The yarn is Kool-Aid dyed for Halloween. And I fugred out that a pattern book in Norwegian was as good as a crime book :-) Try! If not, I'll translate every bit for you! Love Vigdis

Jane said...

Another wonderful swap package! Your trick was a good one Vigdis!