Sunday, November 04, 2007


What a lovely trick and treat package I received from Mindy. AND I received it on Halloween. It was getting late in the day and I decided to have a nap. By that time I didn't think anything would be delivered or I would get my package before Halloween was over. I don't think my eyes were closed very long when the phone rang calling from downstairs and it was the postal delivery truck with a parcel for me. That woke me for a while. When I opened the outer mailing package inside was the cutest gory Halloween bag and inside were lots of goodies. At first I thought the trick was that there was candy stuck in the ends of the yarn but I realised after what the trick was. Mindy send me Lamb's Pride black yarn to knit and felt into a witch's black cauldron which I will now do next Halloween. There was also the "trick" which was how to make a magic potion in the cauldron. There was candy, three sets of earring, a little rubber ducky dressed as a witch, and a very interesting sounding read called Witch Miss Seeton a Miss Seeton Mystery by Heron Carvic. An author I never heard of. Inside it says "This is not so much black comedy as black-currant can't stop reading. Or laughing" I am looking forward to reading this book. AND here are some photos of my gifties.

AND of course here is my Solara trying to get into the action. LOL
Thank-you again Mindy. I will be putting this on my blog sometime on Sunday.

Hey did you gals all remember to turn back your clocks?

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Jane said...

Great, great package! Well done Mindy!