Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fingerless Mitts Prize

I won the prize for my fingerless mitts! I got this nice skein of yarn and the pattern to make more of them, and I am glad about it too. When I knit the first pair, I had no idea I would enjoy wearing them so much. I live in Idaho where it is getting cold, especially at 6:00 in the morning when I get in my car to make the 20 plus mile drive to work. I've even worn them in the house when the evenings are cold. Mostly the back of my hands get cold, so these mitts are perfect, and I will love making a pair of striped mitts from this yarn because I do love that self stripping yarn.

As for the mystery, what can I say? Obviously, I am in this group because I like mysteries!

Thanks Jane for drawing my name and sending me these prizes.


Jane said...

You are very welcome! Enjoy!

dobarah said...

What an awesome prize! Please share what you make with the yarn...and also how good the book is!