Sunday, November 11, 2007

Packages recieved and enjoyed!!

Hi all, but mostly Steph!

Sorry for no postings, but I have been in bed the last half week and have had too much pain, and therfore difficulties writing. But NOW! No, I'm not well yet, but better for a while.
And to Steph: THANK YOU!!!!!
To the rest of you: Look at these, yes, THESE great packages:

First some days ago, the trick:

And did I love THAT one? Yes!

Then came the treat:

How about that? Did I love it?? OH, yes!!! And how on earth did you know what my favorite candy when I lived in Chicago as a kid was ??? I haven't seen them since 1967!!!!! The Candy Corn! And YES; I ATE THEM, RIGHT AWAY!!!!! Before my kids or grandchildren even saw them!! Scarred stiff I wouldn't get them all, every single piece. Terje was allowed to taste ONE, and he just looked at me, wondering what on earth I was talking about when I told him how much I loved this candy! The others were allowed to sniff the plastic! How old I am??? Not 1/2....and a some days more..... So now I'm waiting for someone to send me some Hot Tomales!! Haven't seen them either...But I suppose you can't send THEM in the mail.... *LOL*

Love Vigdis

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