Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Maisie Dobbs Project

After much debate with myself about what I would do as a project for Maisie Dobbs I finally made a choice. I had thought of doing vegetables since Maisie's dad was a costermonger but in the end I chose a felted cloche. It still has to be felted but I do have a photo of the cloche prefelted. It is knit with Plymouth Galaway in a blue I had in my stash. The blue is a bit deeper in color than the photo. The flecks are Plymouth Eros. The pattern called for the glitter Eros but I had the regular Eros in my stash from a shawl I knitted and I felt it would be just as nice. Also some of the blue in the Eros matched the blue of the Galaway.

Thank-you Janice for modeling it prefelted. It is from the book Knit It Felt It. I will upload a photo of the finished hat when I get it felted. That will depend on who I can get to felt it since I use a pay washer in my apt and only get about a 10 minute wash cycle for $1.50 with no water level adjustment so I have to do it with a full load.


Mary Lynn said...

Great photo! LOL!

Jane said...

Nice hat!!!

dobarah said... close to being able to see your face! Great hat!

Penny said...

Not my face. I had my friend put it on for the photo. Is that not a great friend?