Sunday, July 01, 2007

Return of the Purloined Stash

The purloined stash has finally returned! And just look at all this lovely stash! It traveled from Maine, to Georgia, to Florida, to Ohio, to Texas, to Montana, to Oregon, to Ireland, to the UK, and back to Maine. It traveled a total of 14,405 miles and took 6 months to complete it's journey. 45 skeins of yarn were swapped - and, oh the adventures it had to tell when it arrived home! If you would like to read about these adventures (and see what writing talent we have in this group) click on the Purloined Stash label below and it will take you to all of the previous posts. They will be in reverse order - so start from the bottom and work up.

1 comment:

Fiadhnat said...

Six months travel time, how long will it take us to knit up projects with what we kept?! Well it was stash to start with so it can remain stash for another while, right?