Tuesday, July 03, 2007

and another bottle

I received another bottle today from Danielle.

filled with wonderful goodies . . .

to go with the goodies I received yesterday . . .

there is:

two skeins of Panda Wool (Crystal Palace Yarns) and a matching pattern for Circus Chevron socks by KyleAnn! And, the needles to work the socks. A dishcloth pattern book (did you take the pattern of the dishcloth sent yesterday from here?).

a set of word charms (peace, hope, dream, believe, love), book jewelry (my books never had it so good!), page markers post-it notes (look, like, love), a U.S. map/flag key ring (perfect timing)

and, another mini book, this one entitled "Nancy Drew's Guide to Life."

Thank you, Danielle, very much for the effort you put into this swap!


Jane said...

I guess we should have used bigger bottles!

danielle said...

You are welcome!
I loved the idea that people were sending 'teaser' bottles - but couldnt get the card into the smaller bottle.

Nope - that dishcloth is not from that book. I forget the title and it is not close by - but it is all garden type of things - flowers and all. I usually make one with an outline of CA on it for the swaps - but couldnt find my pattern for it this time!

Glad you enjoyed it all!