Friday, November 13, 2009

ToT swap..... Thank you Robbie

I am finally over the swine flu so I opened my package the other day. I know, I am way behind in posting. But wow, that flu hit me hard and had me down for weeks. I didn't even play my WoW! Anyway, I want to thank Robbie for an awesome package. It really made my day. I received a knitting book and a pattern to knit with the pretty yarn. A memo pad and a datebook. Some brains, hehe, and candy and a Pez. A cute scare crow that I have to keep away from my Coco, she thought it was for her! And a Steven King novel I haven't read, with a cute bookmark. Always need bookmarks. So many goodies, thank you very much!!!!

I also want to apologize to my swap partner Kim, whom I was sending to. I hope you will enjoy your package when you finally get it.

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