Friday, November 27, 2009

TOT Swap Pictures . . . Finally!

On this day after Thanksgiving, I am very thankful for my patient WhoDuKnit friends, all of you who don't yet know what I received, only that I received it, and especially for very patient and generous Maureen. So now, here are the pictures my son, Bradford, took as I opened the box just after returning from my Utah trip. Thank you so much, Maureen, for making my welcome home so nice, and for making up for my missing Halloween with my family.

Here is the box as I opened it. Whew! I was glad to see no creepy crawly things, though that would have been funny. Instead was a tantalizing array of treats and yarn. I could hardly wait for my son to take the pictures before I unpacked the box.
Here are some of the treats, some wonderful chocolates (Maureen put a note on the See's chocolates that these are the best chocolates ever, and she was right. I loved them.), some red herbal tea, a beautiful mug, some soap from Australia (!), and you can see the corner of a very cute skeleton bag that I can tuck into my purse for later purchases. I think this was very tricky!
Here is the yummy yarn I received, two skeins of Patton's wool that can be felted, one for making a ghost and one for making a witch, and the patterns were found tucked neatly inside each skein, after the photo shoot. This will be fun to try! Maureen included several kinds of chocolates, and several treats, all of which were yummy. I would tuck them into my purse for times I just needed a little something to tide me over, and they were perfect.
Here is another bar of soap from Australia (I do love special soaps, and have my own soap dish in the bathroom for them.), and more yummy treats. My son (age 18, but still goes trick-or-treating) was concerned that I did not get any candy, but then I showed him what Maureen sent, and assured him that I was well cared for. I also received the next book in a series I'm reading, by Ann Purser, called Weeping on Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to reading it.
Here is a picture of all the goodies, posing nicely for you to see. The green bag holding the yarn is a "Stitch-n-Pitch", a folding container that you use for your supplies as you are working. I've seen things like this in use and thought how I would like to have something like this, and now here it is! I've seen them used by cross stitchers, but I've been using this one when I crochet an afghan that uses two colors at a time, and the side pockets hold scissors, my crochet hook when I'm not using it, a pencil, and the like. Also tucked into the side is a little packet of wool wash, which will be just right when I felt the projects. Thank you, Maureen! You really made my day with this wonderful box!

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