Monday, November 16, 2009

Whoduknit 2009 Holiday Swap (member's only)

This Swap is for Whoduknit Members Only

Very funny Maxine - but if you were a knitter you would know that is not true! Who, in this group, wouldn't love to find a handknit or crochet, or any handmade craft under their tree?
And wouldn't it be great if we could all get together and exchange handmade gifts for Christmas? We could all sit around the tree, have an eggnog or two, and open up our gifts together, with oohs and aahs about how creative we all are!
Let's do it! Virtually, that is. For this swap you will be sending your pal a handmade gift. Not something huge and complicated (who has time for that at this time of year?), just something small, handmade and wrapped with love, with a note that says "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL DECEMBER 25!" That's right - when you receive your package, you need to put it under your tree, or in your closet, or wherever you won't be tempted to open it until Christmas. I
realize we are all in different time zones and it would be impossible for us to all open at exactly the same time - but you get the picture! In addition to being short of time at this time of year, many of us are also short on finances - so let's keep this swap affordable and place a maximum amount of $20.00 on it. Of course when you factor in the time and love it takes to make a handmade gift - the value will ....priceless! One more twist to this swap - it won't be a secret swap this time, it will be a mutual swap. In other words, you will be sending to the same person who is sending to you. It will be a chance for you to get to know another member a little better and make something small, but special, just for her or him. It's okay to include extra treats in the package, but please remember to stick to the guidelines.
Sign-ups begin today and will end November 9. Pals will be matched up shortly after that and packages should be mailed by December 15 so that they are sure to arrive by Dec. 25.

You will be sending your pal:

A small handmade gift.
A few other goodies may be included - some suggestions are:
A book (used is fine)
A Christmas ornament
Edible treats

Please e-mail me ( with the following information. (Even if I already have your info. it helps me to have it all in one folder)

E-mail Address:
Ravelry name if you have one
Blog if you have one
Smoking or non-smoking home?
Able to mail international?
If you have any other preferences please let me know and I'll try to accommodate you!

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